About Us


Cenzo Pharmaceuticals is a team of leading developers providing quality generic anabolic medicines. It was founded originally in 2007 to produce unique sports enhancing supplements for individual professional athletes. After years of great success and unfortunately alot of counterfeiting in the industry, a decision was finally taken to release a line of products available for the public.

We are an independant organization based in Switzerland that constantly researches and develops our products and proceedures to bring you the most potent, long lasting anabolic range.

Our manufacturing team is committed to producing the highest quality products with products sourced from our close partners in the EU.

Our Research & Development team have a vast knowledge of the industry and needs of athletes and have worked hard to perfect our range with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our production facilities meet and far surpass regulatory requirement for safe environment, production, quality management and sterility to ensure no degredation of quality.

Each of our products come with with unique holographic labelling which cannot be counterfieted and is easily recognizable to the Cenzo brand. Tamper proofing seals are on all our tablet range and only sold through trusted partners who buy from us directly in the EU.